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Visual artists

Visual artists create and execute works of art by sculpting, painting, drawing, creating cartoons, engraving or using other techniques.

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Job Definition

(a) conceiving and developing ideas, designs and styles for paintings, drawings and sculptures
(b) arranging objects, positioning models, and selecting landscapes and other visual forms according to chosen subject matter
(c) selecting artistic media, method and materials
(d) creating representational or abstract three-dimensional or relief forms by shaping, carving and working and combining materials such as wood, stone, clay, metal, ice or paper
(e) creating representational or abstract drawings and paintings using pencils, ink, chalk, oil paints, water colours or through the application of other techniques
(f) creating drawings and engraving or etching them on metal, wood, or other materials
(g) creating cartoons to depict persons and events, often in caricature
(h) restoring damaged, soiled and faded paintings and other art objects

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