Prince Harry of Wales
Born: 1984 UK
  • Annual: LKR 306,106,104.00
  • Monthly: LKR 25,508,842.00
  • Weekly: LKR 5,886,656.00
  • Daily: LKR 838,647.00
PrinceofWales.gov.uk 2015 annual report says: "funding for the official activities of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry 2,965 -" - divided by 3, it would mean that each would get about £1 million a year on top of their mothers investment profits of at least £0.5 million (see below). The 2016 report doesn't mention the amount anymore, but at the site of the Princeofwales.gov.uk says: "The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, do not receive a Sovereign's Grant or a Parliamentary Annuity, but use the income from the Duchy of Cornwall."
Wikipedia: Prince Harry left the army in 2015
Telegraph April 2011: As a captain, Prince Harry will be earn a salary of between £37,916 and just over £45,000.
SkyNews Sept.2009: Prince Harry has inherited an estimated £9m from his mother's estate after he turned 25 years old today. Although he will not get access to the full amount, he will be able to receive £300,000 worth of interest each year from the money left by Princess Diana. Both the Prince and his brother William must wait until they are 30 to get full access to the lump sum left to them.
Text: SkyeNews
update: 2018-1
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