Prince William
Duke of Cambridge
Born: 1982 UK
Children: 2
  • Annual: LKR 306,106,104.00
  • Monthly: LKR 25,508,842.00
  • Weekly: LKR 5,886,656.00
  • Daily: LKR 838,647.00
PrinceofWales.gov.uk 2015 annual report says: "funding for the official activities of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry 2,965 -" - divided by 3, it would mean that each would get about £1 million a year on top of their mothers investment profits of at least £0.5 million (see below). The 2016 report doesn't mention the amount anymore, but at the site of the Princeofwales.gov.uk says: "The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, do not receive a Sovereign's Grant or a Parliamentary Annuity, but use the income from the Duchy of Cornwall."
News.Yahoo/AFP July 2015: Employed by Bond Air Services helicopter operators, he is donating his £40,000 ($62,000, 56,000-euro) salary in full to charity.
Guardian March2011:"Now that Kate Middleton has given up her job to prepare for the wedding, the royal couple to be have just one salary of £37,170 – paid by the RAF."
RoyalWedding.yahoo: When William and his brother Prince Harry turned 21, they had access to the investment profits of the $10 million Diana left them, and they now rake in around $450,000 per year. When they reach the age of 30, they will be able to access the entire amount.
Text: Guardian
Text: RoyalWedding
Text News.Yahoo
update: 2016-7
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