Medical Insurance in Sri Lanka

Medical Insurance in Sri Lanka: Find out about medical insurance schemes in Sri Lanka, Health care and benefits to employees, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation and other medical benefits for employees.

Is there a law to ensure that all workers in Sri Lanka are covered under medical insurance?

  • There is no law to ensure that all workers are protected under medical insurance schemes.
  • However, the Medical Wants Ordinance of Labourers in Planting Districts (as amended) is the legal instrument that addresses health and medical requirements of plantation workers in Sri Lanka.

What provisions do organizations make to provide health care and medical insurance to their workers?

  • Many private sector organizations have medical insurance schemes for their workers, while some others provide medical insurance to only their office staff. These are strictly benefits and not legislated rights.

What medical provision is there for workers in Factories and manufacturing establishments?

  • The Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance stipulates that all registered manufacturing organizations are liable to provide for the payment of compensation to workmen who are injured in the course of their employment.

Do Trade Unions address the issue of medical insurance in the process of collective bargaining?

  • Some Trade Unions do negotiate health care and medical insurance packages for the workers. However, these collective agreements are specific to the particular employer and the trade union. 

What is the situation with regard to medical wants on Estates/ Plantations?

  • Under the law, an estate medical district must be provided with hospitals and dispensaries as needed by the estate workers.
  • The government also provides medical officers and apothecaries for the estate medical districts.
  • Almost all the estates provide free medical treatment for the workers, as well as maternity and child care. They also provide day care centres and crèches for babies.