Minimum Wage – Janitorial Service Trade

  • Valid in January 2020
  • The amounts are in Sri Lanka Rupee (₨).

Job type

Per day
Operational Personnel: Cleaners, Conservancy Labourers, Janitors or Employees performing functions howsoever designated in cleaning offices and establishments -
Minimum wage with effect from Aug 01, 2018.
Supervisory Personnel: Employees in-charge of Operational Personnel, Officers in-charge, Shift Supervisors or Supervisors -
Minimum wage with effect from Aug 01, 2018.

Working Hours

  • Days per week specified: 6.0
  • Hours per week specified: 45
  • Overtime is paid at One and Half times the normal hourly rate of wage.
    Holiday pay for work on weekends (Sundays) and public holidays is paid for at a higher rate 1 1/2 times the daily rate or double the rate of remuneration.


Bonuses e.g. project, attendance, festival would vary from company to company.


According to legislation to be presented in Parliament shortly, the national minimum monthly wage for all workers in any industry or service will be Rs. 10,000, while the national minimum daily wage of a worker will be Rs. 400. Once the law is enacted, it will be mandatory for employers in all industry or service to pay the national minimum wage which should be the wage of a worker after deduction of all contributions of whatsoever nature. The law will come into operation with retrospective effect from January 1, 2016.

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