Minimum Wages for Garment Sector w.e.f January 1, 2013

Garment Sector Minimum Wages in Sri Lanka: Minimum Wages and Living Wage for Sri Lanka's garment sector workers. Current wages for the year 2013. Know minimum wages for workers of different grades in Sri Lanka
Year of Employment  Grade I (a)  Rs. Cts. Grade I (b)   Rs. Cts. Grade II         Rs. Cts. Grade III         Rs. Cts. Grade IV       Rs. Cts. Grade V Rs. Cts.
1st Year      10,530.00      10,140.00         9,125.00         9,075.00         8,970.00  *      5700.00 
2nd Year      10,730.00      10,315.00         9,275.00         9,200.00         9,070.00  
3rd Year      10,930.00      10,490.00         9,425.00         9,325.00         9,170.00  
4th Year       11,130.00      10,665.00         9,575.00         9,450.00         9,270.00  
5th Year      11,330.00      10,840.00         9,725.00         9,575.00         9,370.00  
 Add Rs. 1000/= to all grades as per Budgetary Relief Allowance Act No. 36 of 2005. (Act effective 01/01/2006)


The Minimum Rate of Wages For a Month
Class of Workers
Grade I (a)  Designers, Tailors, Design Punchers, Diskette Makers.
Grade I (b)  Leaders or Section Supervisors
Grade II Cutters, Cutters (head), Machine Minders, Final Checkers.
Grade III Checkers, and sorters, Ironing Operators (Male), Odd Job Operators (Female), Stamping Operators (Female), Ironing Operators (Female),  Sewing Machine Operators, Electric Iron Operators, Issuing Operators (Female), Embroidery Machine / Head Operators.
Grade IV Laying out men, Laying out women, Packers, Cellophane Bag and Cardboard Box - Makers, Unskilled Leaner's and Apprentices.
*  The period of apprenticeship in relation in any trade leaner or apprentice referred to above shall be deemed to consist of 156 working days. 


Other Benefits:
12% of Basic wages contributed by employer to EPF.   (8% deducted from Employees) EPF can be withdrawn on reaching 55 years by male workers and on reaching 50 years by females. 
3% of Basic wages contributed by Employer to ETF. ETF can be withdrawn once in 5 years. 
Gratuity payment of half months wages for each year of service at the time of retirement, resignation and even at the time of termination of services of a workmen.  The workers who have worked for more than five years in a company where more than 15 employees are working are entitled to gratuity.  If less than 15 workers worked in a company , the workman can make an application to the Labour Tribunal asking for gratuity.